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Migrate to Canada: Canada Visa application

 Canada is indeed a beautiful country blessed with several landscapes and lakes. Its visa process requires a detailed and a precise approach to getting it. The foremost point to consider is firstly, to understand the demands of the Canadian immigration and the foreknowledge that Canada itself is in need of immigrants. This is because the government of Canada has established a law to admit nearly 1 million permanent residents to Canada from 2017 to 2021 making its population to rise from 0.7% to 1%. 

According to research, this law was motivated by the economic needs of the country facing an aging demographic, with the number of senior citizens expected to double by 2036 alongside a decline in the proportion of working-age adults. As a result, prospective immigrants who possess the required merits in terms of skills and potentials which are in tandem with the agenda of the country are sure to successfully have their visas approved irrespective of the criteria under which their application is made. Canadian immigration policies are still evolving, and thus entry systems may be varied.

There are four categories of immigrants in Canada and these most likely predetermine the kind of visa application. These categories are accessible under different classes of visas with specific requirements depending on the objectives and personal conditions of any prospective immigrant. These classes of visa include; The Temporary Visa which are The Visitor or tourist Visa, Student Visa, Work permit, Super Visas etc. and The Permanent Residency visas which include Skilled Worker Category, Business Class etc.

Student Visa - This visa allows you to study in Canada and on certain occasion enables you to bring your legal spouse with you. 

Visiting Visa or Temporary Visa - This visa is a preferable option for those who wish to come to Canada for a limited period of time, their purpose of coming notwithstanding. It is also called the Temporary Resident Visa.

Super Visas - This visa is for senior citizens and retirees. 

Federal Skilled Worker Visa

This visa is for skilled workers with a one year minimum work experience. Under this class of visa, your ability to speak English and French is surely an edge and it can serve as added advantage for visa approval. Also, this visa enables foreign nationals to acquire permanent residence in Canada when certain qualifications are met. On the contrary, applicants who could not secure Permanent Residence through Skilled Worker Visa, can still hope and apply under a platform called The Provincial Nomination Program. This type of visa is for low skilled professionals who can still come to Canada and contribute to its economic growth. 

Having outlined these visas, it is pertinent to note, that application for the Visiting Visa is pretty easier and straight to the point. It can be done within the comforts of your own home. 

All the visa application for Canada can be done online or personally through the various visa application centers in the host country of the recipient. The visa processing can take up to a month, thus, it is advisable to get it at least two months before the supposed intended trip. Visa application to Canada is dependent on purpose and objectives which are the foremost factors that determines the kind of Visa an applicant qualifies for with respect to his or her status per time. 

Documents Required for Canada Visa Application

Visa application requires certain documents for a complete application. 

These documents outlined are necessary and all encompassing for all classes of Visa and they include: Valid passport with at least one year validity; Duly accomplished Form IMM5257 - This is the Application for Visitor Visa Form; Duly accomplished Form 5645 - This requires your Family Information; 2 passport size photos (35mm x 45mm) - Must be photographed within the last six months; Proof of income or financial capability - This may include recent Bank account statement,  within the last 4 months, Certificate of Employment and Income Tax Return (for employees, self-employed and digital nomads), School Records such as Enrollment Receipt or Certificate (For Students), Business Permits (for business owners),  as well as Condominium or Car or Land Titles etc.; Affidavit of S This only applies if somebody else is paying for your trip and the recipient's proof of financial capability must be attached; Travel history if available which include scanned copy of your visas (whether valid or expired) as well as entry or exit stamps; Purpose of Travel. 

Having outlined the documents needed for a contemporary Canadian visa, there is need to discuss how to apply for it, in order to have a complete grasp of how the whole process work. The following therefore are narrative steps to accomplishing this task.

Firstly, prepare all the documents stated above and scan them in required format either - PDF., DOC., or JPG., etc. And make sure that one type of document is in 1 file. 

Secondly, create your Citizenship Immigration Canada (CIC) Account -- this is where you can apply, upload your documents, pay for visa fees and monitor your application status.

Thirdly, upload all the required documents as discussed. Make sure they are complete, otherwise your visa application will not push through. Put your complete name in the Electronic Signature section - this is considered as your signature. Ensure each file size to be uploaded do not exceed 4 MB.

Finally, pay the required visa processing fee , which is usually 100 CAD. After submitting your application, you will see a confirmation page and also receive an email asking you to check your account. 

A confirmation message with a confirmation number will be in your account. Keep your confirmation number for your records.  

It is expedient to be patient and wait for updates, because every time a consul opens your application, you will receive an email saying that ‘your application has been updated.’ Just wait for the final decision.

This usually takes 10-14 days and sometimes, it can take as long as one month, depending on the circumstances. If your visa is approved, then you need to pay appropriate delivery fees to collect it.

Canada Official Application Portal

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